1997 Fall Leadership Conference


Over 200 students attended the Fall Leadership Conference held from Nov 13 - 15 at Cedar Lakes in Ripley, WV.


The theme of the conference was Come Aboard the Leader "Ship". WV TSA members participated in numerous leadership development activities including team-building exercises such as the Spider's Web and Egg Drop activities. On each level, the members were separated into "family groups" to participate in these activities.


The conference wasn't all work for the members, though. Thursday evening included a mixer and pie auction, and on Friday evening members enjoyed the dance.


Despite the rain (it seems to rain at every conference) and all the mud, WV TSA had a another successful Fall Conference.

Our own Gilligan's Island officer team.

Family groups were created to represent

each Gilligan's Island character.

Yes, that's Jesse, George, Cody, Cathy,

Brienne and Marie.

Click here for pictures of conference happenings!

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