1998 Fall Leadership Conference


At this year's conference, TSA members were transformed into investigators. A kidnapper was on the lose at Cedar Lakes and it was up to TSA to find the culprit and bring him to justice.


On Thursday night, TSA members arrived in Ripley ready to become leaders. The mystery was introduced and members were told to be on the lookout for clues. Ace Ventura came and asked WV TSA to help solve the mystery. Later that night, at the mask making mixer, the kidnapper took his first victim, Bobby Burton.


The next day, members were busy looking for evidence and working in their investigative teams. The Leadership Reaction Course took place in the afternoon, which challenged teams to work together and think creatively. Later that day, Mr. C became the second victim.


On the final day, WV TSA woke to find that president, Cody Corliss, had disappeared. Teams worked diligently to wrap-up the mystery.

At lunch, Cody reappeared and told us that he had been kidnapped, but somehow escaped. Investigative teams met a final time and decided on who they thought was responsible for the kidnappings.


In the end, two teams had the correct answer. Treasurer, John

Ward, was the criminal. Mr. Albrecht, a former TSA advisor, had recently moved to New York and was determined to start the best TSA chapter ever. In order to do this, he needed some help. He

hired John to kidnap Bobby Burton, for his vast knowledge, Mr. C,

for his experience, and Cody Corliss, for his leadership ability.


Congratulations to everyone that attended the conference. All of the investigative teams did a great job following the mystery. WV TSA can take pride in making Cedar Lakes a safer place.


The crime scene when students walked in

to the Assembly Hall the first night.

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