2003 Fall Leadership Conference

This year's Fall Conference theme was “Take Flight with Leadership”. Nine schools participated on November 10-11 at Cedar Lakes. The purpose of the conference was to teach members more about themselves as leaders and give them new strategies on how to lead. Conducted by the state officer team, the conference was a successful event.


During the first General Session President Alex Hemmelgarn welcomed everyone and started the conference with an activity. Bill Forbes was our guest speaker from New Martinsville, WV. Mr. Forbes talked to members about leadership and how it affects our everyday lives.


Following the General Session, members participated in a Leadership Reaction Course, the highlight of the conference.   Six different activities were set up including: Team Tag, Fuel Spill, Spider Web, Ski Race, Isolation Island, and the Alligator Pit. Participants learned to work as a team to complete these physical challenges.


After dinner and a session on public speaking, members were split into officer groups and worked individually with the state officers. They learned how to give a short, impromptu speech and the responsibilities of the office they held. They were also given ideas on fundraisers and other social activities to take back to their chapters.  


The final activity of the night was a problem solving challenge to build a newspaper tower. Chapters, advisors, and the state officers competed to build the highest freestanding tower with limited supplies. The advisor team was the first to complete their tower, but Clay County High School reigned victorious.


After breakfast on Tuesday, members completed a series of leadership style tests which showed them what characteristics of a leader they posses. A speaker from the American Cancer Society talked to us on the TSA service project. She explained how WVTSA can become involved with the American Cancer Society through Relay for Life and other events. The final activities before the closing of the conference were a consensus building activity and a goal setting activity.


As we wrapped up the conference, Mrs. McDaniel gave a speech on how leadership, like flight, takes much perseverance and cooperation to complete. Anyone can become a leader, but they must work hard to complete their tasks and become familiar with the people they are leading. After sending a model airplane sailing through the air, the conference was adjourned.       


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