2002 TSA State Conference

The WV TSA State Conference was a very eventful few days.  With assemblies, competitions, and making friends, members were kept busy!  293 people attended this year's conference, competing in over 50 events between the middle and high school levels.  When they weren't competing, members enjoyed watching competitions.  Mechanical Challenge, Tech Bowl and the Dragster Design contest were a few of the competitions where members could be found encouraging their school's teams.  But, as any member of WV TSA can tell you, competitions are not the only thing going on at the conference!


At our first general session, Senator Larry Edgell, from New Martinsville, WV spoke to TSA members about his life, inspiring everyday people to become important leaders.  Senator Edgell is the father of a WV TSA Alumni and past national officer, Eva Edgell! 


At the second General Session, Alicia Smoulder, an active member of FFA, gave a speech about setting goals and working to achieve our dreams.  We held a mixer Thursday night so that members, advisors, and alumni could visit and enjoy some refreshments.  The fishing contest, coordinated by Mr. Kimble, gave the outdoorsmen and women a time to relax.  There were two different awards presented, one for the biggest fish, and one for the most fish caught.  And, of course, many members look forward to the annual dance.  Dancing and singing to great music and wild lights relieved the stresses of the day.


Aside from these major activities, several members could be found playing basketball, tennis or golf.  Most members roamed the conference site, making new friends or catching up with old ones.  A few were even found playing with squirt guns and playing Frisbee in the fields.


The lucky members who were awarded first place trophies will be able to attend the National Conference in Denver, Colorado at the end of June.  Best of luck at the National Conference!

Middle School Winners

High School Winners


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