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1999-2000 WV TSA Officers


John Ward, Clay HS

Grade: Junior

Interests: Comic books, Magic, yo-yoing, Wrestling, Chess, Good music, Baseball, Web-building

Activities: TSA, Boy Scouts, baseball, student council

Favorites: Cyberspace Pursuit

Role Models: Shawn Michaels, Matt Damon, Chris Jericho, Meat Loaf, Jim Haynie, Norm McDonald

Favorite Saying: "You can't steal second with your foot on first."


Meghan Phillips, Magnolia HS

Grade: Sophomore

Interests: Hanging out with my friends, listening to music, walking dogs at the animal shelter, going to Baristas, collecting Pez dispensers

Activities: TSA, Cross country, track, cheerleading, Young Life, Student government, Debate team

Role models: Mr. Lowe, Mr. Kimble, my "moms", Lori, Miss McCoy, Mr. Tallman, Mr. Zeppuhar (RIP), Rosie O'Donnell, Sally Ann and Mel

Favorite Saying: "Once you're finally content with your life, you'll stop taking those little steps forward and start taking those B-I-G steps backwards."


Erica Aston, John Marshall HS

Grade: Senior

Interests: Horseback riding, Softball, Music, Hunting, being with my boyfriend.

Activities: TSA, 4-H, Horse Club, FCA, Hi-Y

Role models: Kris Bauer and my dad

A thought: "Shoot for the moon, but if you fall a little short, you'll still remain a shining star."


Linsey Cruickshanks, Clay HS

Grade: Freshman

Interests: Basketball, Metallica, Scooby Doo, frogs, Curious George

Activities: TSA, Basketball

Dislikes: Spaghetti (looks like worms), rap music, the color pink, and snobby people.

Role models: Kobe Bryant, Roger Hanshaw, my parents, my big sister Sally Ann, and my grandparents

Favorite Saying: "Great people talk about ideas, Average people talk about things, but small people talk about other people."


Emily Chilko, Morgantown HS

Grade: Senior

Interests: good music, good conversation, and good friends.

Activities: TSA, student council

Favorites: The Usual Suspects, fast cars, Led Zeppelin, The Phantom of the Opera, winning.

Favorite Saying: "The difference between a duck is that one of its legs are both the same size."


Meagan Samples, Clay HS

Grade: Freshman

Interests: Basketball, Baseball, TSA, playing the drums, listening to music, Metallica, Green Day, Snowboarding, Skateboarding, hanging out with my best friend.

Activities: TSA, Basketball, Band, video games, drums

Dislikes: Stupid people, lame jokes, backstabbers

Role models: Sally Cruikshank, Roger Hanshaw, Lindsay Legg, Dan Marino, Lars Ulrich

Favorite Saying: "No one knows what tomorrow may bring, good or bad, the only thing we can do is BE PREPARED"

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