Requirements to Run for a WV TSA Office


  • No more than three TSA members in good standing from the same chapter may compete for a West Virginia office in the same year.

  • Only current TSA members (active) in good standing are eligible to run for or hold a West Virginia office.

  • A student cannot be elected to an office during his or her senior year. He or she must have at least one year of school remaining at the time he or she runs for office.

  • A candidate may seek only one office per year.

  • No individual may be elected to more than one term in the same West Virginia office.

  • A candidate must have attended at least one WV TSA Conference before running for office.

  • Candidates must have 2.5 GPA. If elected, officers must maintain a 2.5 GPA throughout their term.

  • All candidates should have the ability to express opinions, make decisions, and be neat and business-like in appearance.

  • All candidates should read carefully the section in the WV TSA bylaws on West Virginia officer's qualifications and duties, and, specifically, the responsibilities of the office they seek.

  • Candidates must attend all officer candidate meetings at the West Virginia TSA conference. Failure to attend all meetings may result in removal.

  • If elected, a West Virginia TSA officer will miss approximately five school days during the school year to fulfill his or her duties.

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