Developing a Program of Activities

Successful chapters have a well-developed Program of Activities, which contributes to the personal growth of each chapter member.  It should be a balance of educational, professional, civic and social activities.


Below are steps to build a good, strong Program of Activities:


1.   Established chapters should review and evaluate the prior year’s program of activities.  New chapters will need to research and review possible activities in which the chapter might participate.


2.   Secure and review the activities programs of other chapters.

Additional Information

* Suggested Activities
* Suggested Calendar of Activities

3.   Determine two or three “definite” activities and a list of potential additional activities to be included in the program.


4.   Appoint a committee, whose task it is to set up a tentative program of activities, including goals, ways and means to complete the activities.


5.   Have the committee report its findings to the membership, and make final decisions on each activity.


6.   Clear the program of activities with relevant school administrators and faculty.


7.   Officially adopt the program of activities, appoint permanent committees responsible for designated tasks, and have the committees initiate work on these tasks.


8.   Post the calendar of activities for all to see and use.


Each TSA chapter has different situations, problems, and experiences in its chapter that will determine the kinds of activities that they will want to accomplish. Therefore, there is no one ‘ideal’ or ‘master’ list of activities for all programs. However, TSA chapters can gain ideas from other chapters, adapting them to meet their needs. The suggested activities below may be helpful to a chapter in planning its program and calendar of activities.

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