Role of the Chapter Advisor

As a TSA chapter advisor, you have the following duties :


Mr. Mullins checks in with two students to see if they have completed their competition.

  • Take the initiative in establishing a TSA chapter.

  • Be knowledgeable about TSA and its goals, purposes, structure, constitution, ceremonies, typical activities, etc.

  • Be familiar with the procedures for affiliation with the state and national organization.

  • See that the membership dues are collected and processed promptly at the beginning of the school year to ensure full service to all members.

  • Keep the school administration, faculty, and community informed of chapter activities.

  • See that chapter meetings are conducted on a regular basis.

  • Advise members and committees on problems and activities.

  • Encourage participation in state and national conferences.

  • Help students prepare for leadership activities and participation at all levels of competition.

  • Keep abreast of new advancements in technology and TSA and call them to the attention of the chapter.

Mr. Mullins, Mr. Rogerson, and Mr. Kimble meet informally to review the new competitive event changes

at the Fall Conference.

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